by Dylan Duncan

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    May is a previously released song on the "Ask You" Single back in 2009. Two years later, it is being brought back as a stand-alone single to help raise money for Amyloidosis Research for the entire month of May.

    A fully produced version, recorded back in 2002 with Chad Macomber as band-mate, multi-instrumentalist and producer, is a featured bonus track. "May" was originally released under the name "The Eleven Project" on the album "Detour".

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"May" Single released for the month of May to help raise money for Amyloidosis research. All proceeds will go directly to the cause.


released May 3, 2011



all rights reserved


Dylan Duncan Waltham, Massachusetts

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Track Name: May
its growing now and far from old you're shining star i see

panic breaks the weathered shell your silent misery

left your fear and lost your own
never knew just where to go
couldn't see his loving stare
thought you lost what was always there
took a hand to feel alive
knew that that could have been the night

fell to stars that hardly strayed
watching down on the night in may, that night in may

like the buds on a newborn tree your tale is hardly told

freedom rings on a bell of glass your breath is far from cold

seeing light from the very first time
falling leaves have been so high
couldn't spare to grow one more
they had to pull what they were holding on for
circles cut and a space is left
to fill it in or leave there to rest
should have stayed to the morning call
eventually everything must fall

its may and you had to go away
its may but not today

your fire ceased when everyone spilled their eyes
and you watched the ashes covered by those broken lies

you felt the hand the hand was pulling down
and you fought for your life and ended with a crown

and its may you had to away
its may

why'd you have to go away
its may

i know you tried to stay